Ferry and Chunnel

There are various ferry alternatives to taking the Chunnel trains, from ferry operators such as P&O Ferries and DFDS.

Dover to Calais Ferries

A ferry crossing from Dover to Calais takes around 90 minutes. Dover to Calais is probably the most popular ferry crossing to France. Dover is just a few miles from the Chunnel terminal at Folkestone.

Dover to Dunkirk

Dover to Dunkirk ferries are operated by DFDS ferries and take around 2 hours.

Chunnel or Ferry - Which is quicker?

Chunnel crossings take 35 minutes, using the Chunnel car trains running through the Channel Tunnel. Ferry crossings take around 1 hour 90 minutes from Dover to Calais. Both the ports and Chunnel terminals are very close to the main road networks in England and France, so your onward journey starts as soon as you have disembarked.

Chunnel or Ferry - Which is cheaper?

Ferry prices are usually cheaper, unless you can book well in advance for the Chunnel, and travel at off-peak times, usually between 22:00 and 6:00. The cheapest fares are limited to just a few per day, so you will need to book ahead in order to get them.

Chunnel or Ferry - which is easier?

Both the ferries and the Chunnel trains are very easy to book and to board and the ferry ports and the Chunnel terminals are very easy to find and use.

Chunnel or Ferry - which is more frequent?

There are around 50 ferry crossings from England to Dover, Boulogne or Dunkirk every day. There are around 37 Chunnel car train crossings per day.

Chunnel or ferry - which is best for passengers?

It is possible to buy a ticket as a foot passenger for all the ferries apart from Norfolkline from Dover to Dunkirk. Rather than use the Chunnel car trains, it is better to take the Eurostar passenger trains, from either London, Ashford or Ebbsfleet. These trains are specially made for passengers and are very comfortable and affordable.